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the western section forming the fishing community of Fisherrow.
St. Andrew’s High Church is in the heart of the town and benefits from the fact that the large attractive garden faces the High Street
The congregation is acutely conscious of the opportunity this presents for outreach and witness in the community.
St. Andrew’s High Church strives to be a welcoming church, a place for people seeking friendship, acceptance and affirmation and a creative space for the sharing of hopes and fears, visions and concerns.
It is a forward thinking church and enjoys successful relationships with the other churches in the town.
The Musselburgh Council of Churches has been active for over twenty years and ecumenical activities include an annual joint service and services at Advent, Easter and during the week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

About Us....
Musselburgh is a town of considerable charm with many historical links.  
Situated some five miles from Edinburgh the town is divided by the River Esk,
The clergy in Musselburgh meet as Fraternal regularly and the four church of Scotland charges in Musselburgh are in a parish grouping, shaping the future of the Church in Musselburgh
The church complex comprises of a bright and airy sanctuary with attractive moveable furniture and comfortable individual seating, which allows for flexibility.